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Who We Are

Little Bundle Names is a website ran by myself, Colm, and my partner, Iris. Iris is a midwife, knitter, and a lover of all things crafty, and I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and a lover of all things travel related. When we found out we were expecting our first baby we hit the books, went though our lists of Facebook friends, childhood friends, and bounced a few personal favourites off of each other. Amazingly enough it was only when we exhausted these avenues that we went online and did a search for baby name websites.


As Iris is Dutch, we set ourselves the almighty task of finding a name for our boy or girl that would work ‘flawlessly’ in both languages (what were we thinking!!). We came across a good few websites, trawling through the top hitters and their massive database of names, and naturally enough, the more we looked the more we got totally lost in the insane random names that were coming back at us. It was somewhere in all of that confusion and giddy nights that Little Bundle Names was born.


Our aim at Little Bundle Names is to provide a range of quality, realistic, names for your little bundle to be. We hope to deliver a website that parents, either existing or soon to be, will visit again and again, whether it be for the names themselves, the freebies, or the little tips we find along the way. Our database of baby names is hand chosen and updated weekly, if you feel there’s a name that we may have missed, get in touch, we would be more than happy to hear from all of our visitors to the site.


You can also find the Little Bundle Names daily updates on a range of the usual social media sites, including, Instagram, FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.


Best of luck!